Earn additional income on your investments

Earn lending fee with complete protection.

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Why to invest in I lend?

  • Easy way of earning lending fees from borrower of your stock.
  • Continue to keep all beneficiary rights with yourself.
  • Assured 100 % protection of holdings.
  • Earnings dose not impact on your short & long term taxation implication.

Brief details

  • The Securities Lending and Borrowing (hereinafter referred as SLB) is a scheme that has been launched to enable settlement of securities sold short.
  • SLB enables lending of idle securities by the investors through the clearing corporation/clearing house of stock exchanges to earn a return through the same.
  • SLB allows short sellers to borrow securities for making delivery. Securities in the F&O segment are eligible for short selling.
  • Securities in the F&O segment are eligible for SLB.
  • It is 100% safe product to earn fixed income by lending your shares to exchange for fixed period and to earn income on the same.

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